Vagus Nerve 마산출장마사지 Massage

Welcome to this presentation on the vagus 마산출장마사지 nerve, vagal tone, and vagal massage I’m your host, dr donnelly Snipes. The vagus nerve is one of the most connected nerves in our body and has been proposed to mediate, diverse physiological responses, including indirectly regulating body temperature regulating heart rate, and functioning decreasing blood pressure.

Helping send the signal to your body that you’re, full or increasing satiation, and it’s also been involved in the reduction of inflammation in acute like after a bone, break or surgery and in autoimmune issues or chronic inflammation.

The vagal nerve is a major component of the hpa axis, which is involved in coordinated, neural behavioral, and endocrine responses, including those responses of immunity, inflammation, and heart rate. They have found in studies that vagus nerve stimulation can alter cardiovascular autonomic control in healthy humans.

This is interesting, so people who have difficulty with autonomic 마산출장마사지 functioning their hpa axis dysregulates. This is something that we see in patients with trauma histories, as well as people with pots and other conditions, and they’ve also shown that the vagus nerve tells the gut when or responds with from signals from the gut and tells the brain when you’re satiated.

But for people who are obese or who eat high-fat diets that signaling is compromised, so the vagus nerve doesn’t tell the brain in time that you are satiated, so people tend to overeat, which is kind of interesting.

It also mediates responses, including stomach acidity and blood sugar regulation. So those people with hypo or hypo hyperglycemia or diabetes, bile release and production, water and sodium balance, and saliva and tear production.

So it’s got its little. You know nerve endings in just about everything, which is why understanding uh, vagal, 마산출장마사지 massage, and vagal stimulation can be helpful for people with anxiety disorders with autonomic disorders, where they have tachycardia or their blood pressure, suddenly drops.

There are a lot of different ways that vagal, massage, and vagal nerve stimulation may be helpful, vagal nerve stimulation – and this is the medical, vagal nerve stimulation and we’re going to talk about the other approaches, including 마산출장마사지 massage in a minute.

But it’s been associated with a significant improvement in cardiac function, quality of life scores, and even exercise performance, vagal, nerve stimulation was approved by the FDA for the treatment of drug resistance, epilepsy, and depression in 1997 and 2005 respectively, more recently was approved to treat migraine.

So those are three things that are common in our society that are approved that can be treated with vagal nerve stimulation. It’s currently under investigation for use to address inflammation in autoimmune issues, including Crohn’s rheumatoid arthritis, colitis lupus, as well as post-operative atrial, fibrillation, and cognitive impairment.

Opioid use disorders, diabetes, and PTSD, and fear of extinction. You can go to and type in vagal nerve stimulation to find some of these fascinating studies that they are doing right now to explore the applicability of vagal nerve stimulation for treatment.

Now, auricular stimulation of the vagus nerve is different than vagal nerve stimulation where they do surgically implant, a device that stimulates that vagus nerve auricular means around the ear and auricular stimulation of the vagus nerve.

Um, that can be helpful. The auricular branch of the vagus nerve innervates the skin parts of the ear, and the outer ear canal is regarded as the main parasympathetic output of the autotomic autonomic nervous system.

Sorry y’all, the vagus nerve has an extensive distribution throughout the abdomen heart lungs, liver, adrenal, medulla, and the gastrointestinal tract. I told you this little bugger was kind of involved in everything, auricular stimulation of the ear or the auricular branch of the vagus nerve can be electrically like with a tens unit or manually 마산출장마사지 massage stimulated through the skin, which may provide a therapeutic alternative with widespread Clinical use, including heart rate, variability, reducing inflammation and addressing depression, so the auricular branch of the vagus nerve is located in the tragus and the concha now think conch, shell, those shells you hold up to your ear that have that hollow inner core.

You know: that the concha is the inner part of your ear right here and you can see it on the diagram better than you can see it on me and the tragus is that little flap of skin right in the front of the ear? And that’s where you have a lot of nerve endings for the vagus nerve and then the main branch of the vagus nerve goes down right behind your jaw, bone, and kind of right along this, this muscle in your neck down kind of to your throat, because it’s also involved in you know your voice box and everything, but um.

So when you’re massaging you can put a finger um. I usually use my middle finger on the tragus and my index finger behind my ear gently. You don’t need to press. This is not acupressure. You just gently massage around in circles and then you can work your way down just bringing both fingers together.

As you move down your throat again, not pressing hard, just gently massaging down to your neck, and then you can repeat that. But a lot of people find that they find relief with just that other people find more relief by 마산출장마사지 massaging therapy treatment the concha um.

Whatever works for you, you need to try out a few different things to see if it helps most people who try doing it report that they can notice a sensation when they do it other ways that you can improve your vagal tone, which is your vagus nerve’s ability To effectively respond and not over-respond or under respond to sensory input include yoga, meditation, and biofeedback with yoga.

You are getting yourself into a position and you are holding it. It is not easy. You know you are using a lot of muscles and it can get um a little uncomfortable, sometimes as you are getting into those positions but through slow breathing, you are training your vagus nerve to not over-respond.

You’Re training, your vagus nerve to maintain that calm, relaxed state of meditation in the same way with deep, breathing, and focused meditation. It helps kind of quiet that vagus nerve and it helps you develop more conscious control over your breathing and your heart rate.

You know they are going to when you’re triggered they’re automatically going to be. You know, kicked off because that hpa access goes into um goes into overdrive, but you are able, as you start, developing more um control or effective control of your vagus nerve.

You can slow your breathing and consciously start slowing your heart rate, which is where biofeedback comes in. You know people can use one of those little finger, monitors that monitors your oxygen saturation and your pulse rate.

So when you get stressed, you can practice that deep breathing and that relaxation or you can even practice the vagal 마산출장마사지 massage and get to the point where you have, where you’re able to gradually reduce your stress response, your breathing, your heart rate and, by consequence, probably Your blood pressure, most people – don’t have blood pressure, monitor handy to monitor that.

But that is something else you can monitor pretty easily on your own with an over-the-counter blood pressure monitor. I hope this was helpful because many people are talking about the vagus, nerve, and vagal tone, and this can be one strategy that helps develop a healthier vagal nerve.